Hello and welcome to my blog.

I have been working as a software engineer on various projects over the past 10 years. I am additionally trained and experienced in Interaction Design.

I have made significant and lasting contributions to several high-impact projects in Australia for: Bupa (2010), Westpac (2013), Service NSW (2015) and the Digital Transformation Agency (2017).

I would like to present you with a series of articles. These articles are intended for people working with software, design and digital systems. I will release one per week.

As developers and designers, we often get very focussed on tools and frameworks and libraries and technology that solve our problems . We work out how to work with a given framework or tool and we produce stuff with it. We produce software, etc. Sometimes we run into a problem and the tool or library or framework doesn’t seem to address that problem.

See, we don’t always talk about ideas. I think ideas are very important in software. In many areas of life, but software especially, because software is this virtual thing that doesn’t really exist. And the way we think or reason or feel about that thing – the way we are about that thing – is often connected to the ideas and thinking we bring to the table. When you have a team, you have lots of ideas, because each person brings their ideas and their background and their knowledge.

So what I’d like to do in this series of articles is share some of the ideas that I have found useful over time. And these tend to be ideas that I have had after the fact. After having been involved in a piece of work. Sometimes years after. Sometimes months, sometimes the next day. I’ll have thoughts about my experiences on that project. Maybe something went wrong. Maybe something went right. Maybe something was neither wrong nor right but was interesting.

I like to take my ideas and use them on other projects, in other environments. And I would like to present these ideas to you in a series of short articles. And my hope is that you’ll be able to use these ideas, to apply them to your projects and to your products and to what you do.

Granted, if you read the articles I post, I can’t guarantee you’ll find all of them, or even 10% of them, applicable to whatever you’re doing. Every project is different and unique in some way. But hang in there, because you might stumble upon that one idea that saves you! And if I present you with as many my ideas as possible, you can find the ones that fit your project. And remember, these are ideas I’ve seen play out on real-life, commercial projects! So, by absorbing some of them, you can find ways to improve the situation of your real-life project.

Sometimes you’ll agree with an idea I present, sometimes you’ll disagree. Sometimes the disagreement itself will help you , because you’ll realise where I went wrong with something and that will show you where you could go right with it.

So I invite you to enjoy this series of articles. I’ll be posting them online as written text and also as audio, so you can listen to them like a podcast if you like.

With that, adios (for now)!